Royal Activities
Thursday 18 April 2013

HM The King In Safi: Strong Development Momentum Thanks To New INDH Projects

HM The King In Safi: Strong Development Momentum Thanks To New INDH Projects

HM King Mohammed VI launched and inaugurated, Thursday in Safi, a number of projects under the National Initiative for Human Rights (INDH) in the social, sports and cultural fields, aimed at giving strong development momentum in the province.

    The Sovereign inaugurated a commercial and administrative complex for Safi port boaters, a community integrated social and sports centre and the Safi City of Arts and Culture, and launched the construction works of a centre for training and qualification for women, three female student residences, a house of culture, a space for tile manufacturers, a village for potters, a sports complex and five community football fields.

     The 76.5 million dirham projects aim in particular to improve socio-economic conditions of women, combat school dropout, develop the sectors of fisheries, handicrafts and sports and promote cultural activities in the region.

    As part of promoting the handicrafts sector and improving artisans' working conditions, the village for potters, intended to promote the conditions of production and marketing of local products, aims at integrating the environmental dimension into the production process, upgrading the firms active in the field of pottery, and improving the incomes of artisans.

    The 52.5 million dirham project includes the construction of 110 workshops, the headquarters of the handicraft chamber and exhibition halls, and the acquisition of the necessary equipment.

     As for the space for tile makers, it is meant to develop the value of production of local tiles and organize the sector.

     As far as the fishing sector is concerned, the commercial and administrative complex for Safi port boaters, worth 12.4 million dirhams, consists of building 910 shops and equipped administrative buildings. It is designed to organize and improve working conditions for the port boaters.

     The centre for training and qualification for women (3.5 million dirhams) will provide training for women and girls in various professions (sewing, hairdressing, cooking, handicrafts, computer science). It will also contribute to promoting pre-school education.

     The three female student residences will, for their part, aim to fight school dropout and encourage the education of girls in rural areas.

    The 4.3 million dirham community social sports centre aims to develop sports and artistic skills of children and youth, combat juvenile delinquency and school dropout and ensure socio-cultural and sports integration of the target populations through a wide access to basic equipment and services.

    For its part, the 24 million dirham sports complex includes in particular an olympic swimming pool, four tennis courts, an indoor sports hall, a children's pool and a restaurant area.

    As far as the five community football fields are concerned, they will help strengthen the sports infrastructure in the targeted neighbourhoods and encourage young people to practice sport.

   The 41 million dirham cultural and educational-oriented City of Arts and Culture is bound to improve the access of local populations to the cultural and artistic activities as it will serve as a framework for the emergence and promotion of new talents.

    Within the framework of the promotion of cultural activities, HM the King launched the construction works of a 5 million dirham house of culture, with the aim of improving access of the underprivileged populations to cultural activities.

    On this occasion, HM the King symbolically handed over keys to 10 beneficiaries of the commercial and administrative complex for Safi port boaters. The Sovereign also handed 10 school minibuses for the benefit of rural communities in the province and five sports transport minibuses for local sports teams.