The 2020 Vision, presented on November 30 in Marrakech by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has set a goal of doubling the size of the tourism sector, hoisting and making Morocco among top 20 touristic destinations in the world. Eight new destinations will arise in the context of Vision 2020.

The contract - tourism program, developed jointly by private sector operators and government, has been endorsed by the highest authority of the State.

200,000 new tourist beds will be created across the UK, the foreign tourist arrivals will be doubled, and the country will triple the number of domestic travelers. Tourism receipts will be brought to 140 billion dirham in 2020, a cumulative sum of the decade near 1000 billion dirham.

2020 vision presented to the king by Mr. Yassir Zenagui, Minister of Tourism and Handicraft, is the strategy of regionalization of tourism, quality and sustainability. It was designed under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to highlight each region of Morocco, and to establish a tourism that respects the environment. Sustainable development is indeed a major focus of the Vision 2020. Moroccan tourism takes into account the preservation of natural resources, the maintenance of socio-cultural authenticity of the regions and the development and well being of local people.

2020 vision will play an important role in the process of regionalization, in which the Kingdom is committed to adopting an innovation based on eight territories. These areas have a consistent tourist attractiveness and critical mass necessary for an international position.

Thus, each territory has a position and a specific goal, which is to develop a clear roadmap in the upcoming months. This will occur in close consultation with all local stakeholders: politicians, professionals, civil society and public actors. Also, uncountable efforts will be made to develop a range of cultural events and leisure international standing, able to enhance the attractiveness of our destinations. Six major projects, driven and supported by the State, the regions and the private sector will be implemented: the program Azur 2020 (in continuity with the Plan Azur) Legacy program and Inheritance (to showcase the cultural identity of Morocco), the Eco & Green (preserved natural areas enhance exception); Animation program and Leisure (enrich the tourist offer hotel and make it more competitive) program Niches high Value Added (position Morocco as a destination of international standing on Wellness) program Biladi (one of the main priorities of the Vision 2020 with the completion of seven stations initially planned in the areas most popular with our citizens).

A major key to success factors of Vision 2020, with regard to various issues that it will face (cross sector - regionalization-sustainability) depends on the ability of Tourism to implement a new governance of the sector. A High Tourism Authority will be created: it is a public-private instance involving regions, which will be responsible for ensuring the consistency of national and regional strategies, coordinate, monitor and evaluate their implementation.

To materialize the integrated management approach territories, Tourist Development Agencies will be created in parallel. They have main missions which consist of monitoring the implementation of regional roadmaps, developing the attractiveness of destinations and overseeing strategic projects to ensure their effective implementation. These agencies will become the sole point of contact on all matters related to tourism, and will represent true consultation platforms. They will have all the support, expertise and skills of national bodies in charge of tourism.

This ambitious strategy will direct investment flows to new destinations while developing sophisticated new products. This will require significant financial resources nationally and internationally, starting from first, the creation of a key measure which is the Moroccan Fund for Tourism Development (FMDT) which embodies one hand, the proactive engagement with the state sector as a whole to stimulate strong investment dynamics in a position to accompany the implementation of major projects of Vision 2020, and other implements a lasting partnership with Sovereign Wealth Funds of friends willing to support this investment program.

This fund, financed by the state and the Hassan II Fund for Economic and Social Development for an envelope of 15 billion dirham, will aim capitalization of nearly 100 billion dirham, with funds from friendly countries.

Second key measure of premiums will be put in place to support investment and towards the emerging or less developed areas.

Finally, the third key measure brand engagement banking sector: the mobilization of an envelope of 24 billion dirham bank financing projects considered strategic in the context of Vision 2020, including projects like Azur, and responding to access conditions in a pre-defined specifications agreed.

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