The Government is accountable to the King and to the Parliament. For the Parliament, the government responsibility starts when it is appointed, during a general policy declaration, when a text is voted, and when the Parliament decides to retreat its confidence.

When he is named, the Prime Minister presents before each of the houses the broad lines of his program. While this program is debated at each house, it is only voted at the House of Representatives. At the House of Counsellors, the procedure is restricted to a simple debate.

Requesting confidence at the general policy declaration or when a text is voted: At this stage, during legislature, only the House of Representatives can grant or retain its confidence to the government when the general policy declaration is presented or when a text is voted. If the absolute majority of the House of Representatives members retain their confidence, the government shall tender collective resignation. At this stage too, the House of Counsellors is not associated.

The censure motion: The House of Representatives has the capacity to sanction the government by voting a censure motion. However, two conditions need to be met; at the House of Representatives, the absolute majority is required and at the House of Counsellors, a consolidated majority is requested.
Organization of the bicameral parliament.

Since the independence, Morocco has witnessed the succession of thirty governments.