Royal Activities
Sunday 21 April 2013

HM The King Launches Works To Build El Jadida–Safi 4.8 Bn Dirham Motorway

SM le Roi lance les travaux de construction de l'autoroute El Jadida-Safi

HM King Mohammed VI launched, Sunday in the rural commune of saadla (Province of Safi, 340 km south of Rabat), works to build El Jadida-Safi motorway, for an investment of 4.8 billion dirhams.

The 143 kilometre motorway is bound to develop the tourist, industrial and mining potential of this central region of the Kingdom.

    Linking Doukkala-Abda to the other neighbouring regions via a modern motorway infrastructure, the project will have a positive impact on passenger safety and reduce travel time between the cities served (El Jadida, Jorf Lasfar, Sidi Smail, Sidi Bennour, Zemamra, Oualidia, Safi).

    This mega project is funded by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

    The construction of the motorway is part of the contract programme between the State and the National Motorway Company (2008-2015), signed on July 2, 2008 under the chairmanship of HM King Mohammed VI.

     The contract provides for the construction of 384 kilometres of new links including, besides Rabat-Salé bypass, Berrechid-Beni Mellal motorway, El Jadida-Safi motorway, and Casablanca-Berrechid motorway.