Royal Activities
Friday 5 July 2013

HM the King congratulates Egyptian interim Pres. Adly Mansour

HM the King congratulates Egyptian interim Pres. Adly Mansour

HM King Mohammed VI sent a congratulatory message to Egyptian interim President Adly Mansour in charge of ensuring the country's temporary presidency.

 As you are ensuring the temporary presidency of the sister nation of Egypt, during this delicate and decisive time of transition in the history of your country, we express to you our heartfelt congratulations, praying God to give success and guide your way in this important mission to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people for a better future where stability, prosperity and development prevail, said the message.

 HM the King said he is convinced that the interim president will spare no effort, together with other wise national leaders, to manage the state affairs in conformity with the announced road map to meet the expectations of the Egyptian people of freedom, democracy, development and a decent life in unity, security and stability through the holding of presidential and legislative elections.

 Pooling efforts by the lifeblood of Egypt for reinforcing the rule of law, cohesion, reconciliation and peace is the best guarantee to address the challenges facing the country and lay the bases of a new era, the sovereign said.

 HM the King said he was proud of the solid ties uniting the two brotherly countries, marked by brotherly solidarity and fruitful and constructive cooperation.