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Monday 22 July 2013

HM The King In Casablanca: Solidarity-Based Projects That Meet Population's Expectations

HM The King In Casablanca: Solidarity-Based Projects That Meet Population's Expectations

The Kingdom's economic capital Casablanca saw, on Monday, the birth of new solidarity-based projects that meet the population's expectations and mirror HM King Mohammed VI's solicitude for young people and families of kids with chronic illnesses.

HM the King in Casablanca: solidarity-based projects that meet population's expectations

The sovereign laid the foundation stone of a youth training and integration center at the Lahraouiyine commune (Mediouna province) and inaugurated a reception house for mothers of kids admitted to Ibn Rochd hospital center "Dar Al Oum". The projects are initiated by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity for an amount of 11.5 million dirhams.

 The youth training and integration center will contribute to the blossoming and socialization of targeted people through cultural and social activities, that encourage youth assume more responsibility and be more committed mainly in the area of associations, and through training that ensures a better integration in the job market.

 Benefiting around 500 young people yearly, the future center will be constructed  over a surface area of 1,465 square meters and will include training workshops (computer, office automation, computer graphics, communication, languages and fine arts), rooms for music and training for preschool teachers, a garden, a room for remedial courses and pedagogical counseling and a multi-purpose room.

 The center, worth 8 million dirhams, will also comprise an infirmary, a reception and exhibition hall and a refreshment room.

 Carried out by Ibn Rochd hospital center, Dar Al Oum offers the adequate conditions and social environment to receive mothers of children from remote areas who have been admitted to the hospital for a long time due to serious diseases.

 This new facility includes 8 double rooms, a triple room, a reception hall, a family lounge, a kitchen and a garden. 

 The facility was carried out for 3.5 million dirhams and is meant to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged.