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Thursday 16 November 2023

Message of Condolences from HM the King to Family of Late Ahmed Herzenni

Message of Condolences from HM the King to Family of Late Ahmed Herzenni

His Majesty King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolences and compassion to the family of the late Ahmed Herzenni, Ambassador-at-Large and former President of the Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH), who died on Monday in Rabat.

In this message, the Sovereign says that He learned with great sorrow and profound grief of the news of the death of the late Herzenni, may God have him in His Holy Mercy.

In these painful circumstances, His Majesty the King expresses His deep condolences and sincere feelings of compassion for this cruel loss to the members of the family and loved ones of the deceased, as well as to his family in the human rights community, divine will being unstoppable, praying to the Almighty to grant them patience, consolation and comfort.

The Sovereign recalls the high human qualities of the late Herzenni, who was one of the most loyal human rights activists to the homeland and its sacred constants, as well as his recognized values of dedication and self-sacrifice in the various high missions with which he was entrusted, notably as President of the CCDH, praising in this respect his commitment to defending the values of freedom, justice and equity, and to promoting the culture of human rights.

HM the King prayed to the Almighty to amply reward the deceased, who enjoyed the Sovereign's deep consideration, for his noble actions in the service of the supreme interests of the Homeland and its citizens, and to welcome him into His vast paradise among the virtuous.

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