Monday 24 October 2016

Morocco Has Much to Offer Africa After Regaining AU (Daily News)

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Morocco Has Much to Offer Africa After Regaining AU (Daily News)

Morocco has much to offer the African continent after regaining the African Union (AU), said Tanzanian paper "Daily News" in an article dedicated to the official visit of HM King Mohammed VI to Tanzania.

“Morocco, one of the founders of the Organisation of African Unity, the predecessor of the current African Union, has much to offer the continental body in terms of economic cooperation, security collaboration and a vision of self-sufficiency for Africa that will see the continent emerge as the next engine of global growth,” said the paper in an article entitled “Tanzania, Morocco can make Africa resonate.”

The Daily News noted that “the AU member states must shed the baggage of the past and welcome Morocco with open hands,” adding that “the Eastern African nations of Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia must support this process wholeheartedly.”

“As a key player in African politics since independence from Britain in 1961, Tanzania should take this opportunity to scale up relations with the return of Morocco to the AU,” the paper said.

Referring to the role played by Morocco in promoting South-South cooperation, the Daily News noted that “for decades, Morocco has been the shining star of Francophone African countries given its stable political environment, steady economic development, and erudite foreign policy.”

“Its relations with sister West African nations span a wide array of fields including cooperation in agriculture, fertilizers, banking, healthcare and education, just to mention few. Morocco, too, has been a champion of South-South cooperation to achieve African solutions for African problems,” according to the paper.

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