Thursday 17 April 2014

Spanish FM Applauds Morocco's "Excellent Cooperation" In Fighting Illegal Immigration

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Spanish FM Applauds Morocco's

    Spanish foreign minister, José Manuel Garcia-Margallo, applauded on Wednesday Morocco's excellent cooperation in fighting illegal immigration.

   "I want to underscore Morocco's excellent cooperation in the fight against illegal immigration flows", said the head of the Spanish diplomacy at a press briefing in Alicante, following a meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union Mediterranean countries (MedGroup).

   Margallo called the European Union to bring more assistance to origin and transit countries, noting that this problem does not only concern border countries but all the EU member countries.

     Financial assistance and cooperation for development prove necessary to move forward in fighting poverty and stop the massive arrivals of undocumented immigrants, he said.

   The meeting of foreign ministers of the seven MedGroup countries called for "solidarity and financial support" to the other European countries to address the problem of illegal immigration.

   "The EU Solidarity with member countries of the South affected by massive immigrant flows should include an adequate and efficient financial backing", insisted the declaration adopted at the end of the meeting in the Spanish southern city of Alicante.

    The MedGroup comprises the heads of diplomacy of Spain, France, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal.

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