Wednesday 20 September 2023

Mozambique Draw on Moroccan Experience in Institutional Mediation for Inspiration - Ombudsman

Mozambique Draw on Moroccan Experience in Institutional Mediation for Inspiration - Ombudsman

Mozambique's Defender of Justice (Ombudsman), Isaque Chande, expressed his country's willingness to draw upon Moroccan experience in the field of institutional mediation and justice during his visit to Rabat on Tuesday, praising the work of the Kingdom's Ombudsman institution in this area.

Following discussions with Morocco's Ombudsman, Mohamed Benalilou, Chande said that his visit aimed to gain insights into institutional work in the field of mediation, particularly concerning citizen-administration relations.

Highlighting the rich tradition of Morocco's Ombudsman institution as "one of the oldest Ombudsman institutions in Africa," the Mozambican official expressed his country's desire to collaborate with Morocco in this field. They hope to benefit from the institution's accumulated experience to promote justice and strengthen the connection between citizens and the administration.

In response, Morocco's Ombudsman outlined the institution's role in mediating between citizens and the administration across various domains. He expressed his readiness to share the expertise and experience accumulated by the institution over approximately twenty years.

Benalilou also explained that the Kingdom's ombudsman, as a constitutional institution, is represented in numerous bodies, including the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council, the National Council for Human Rights, the National Commission for the Supervision of Personal Data Protection, and the High Council of the Judiciary.

He emphasized that the institution of the Ombudsman's independence and jurisdictional immunity are key factors in its influence on society and a crucial mechanism for strengthening connections between the institution, citizens, and the administration. He also noted that the institution compiles annual reports on various government sectors, which are submitted for His Majesty the King's high appraisal before being debated in Parliament.

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