Wednesday 29 October 2014

Morocco Calls For Investigation Into Border Shooting Incident

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Morocco Calls For Investigation Into Border Shooting Incident

   Morocco has called for opening an investigation into the shooting by the Algerian army in the face of a Moroccan civilian on the border near the city of Oujda, Foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar said Tuesday.

   Morocco has "asked the Algerian side to set up a commission to shed light on the circumstances of this incident, and is still asking for an investigation on this matter, so as to inform the international public opinion about the true culprit breaching the rules of good neighborliness", the minister said at the house of Representatives' question time


   In this respect, Mezouar underlined that Algeria's response to the Moroccan protest, "was not proportionate to the severity of the incident," deeming the Algerian allegations accusing Morocco of making a crisis a "miserable rhetoric". 


   For Mezouar, this rhetoric reflects "an outdated logic that does not respect the rules of good neighborliness, the common interests of both countries and the historical ties between the two peoples."


   "If Algeria is convinced of the rightness of its position, why has it refused to open an investigation into this matter," the minister wondered, saying that Morocco firmly rejects any violation of its national sovereignty, "but will never fall into the trap of provocation."

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