Sunday 18 May 2014

Six People Wanted By International Arrest Warrants Caught, Interior Ministry

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Six people wanted by international arrest warrants caught, Interior Ministry

National police services caught, in coordination with the general direction for territory surveillance (DGST), four European nationals of Moroccan stock about whom international arrest warrants were issued by the Belgian and Dutch legal authorities, the Interior ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

The same source said that these individuals are involved in criminal acts related to voluntary manslaughter, hold-ups against cash in transit companies, jewelry robbery at an European airport and armed assault against a Belgian hospital to help a convict escape, said the same source.

 These security operations enabled to arrest two other Moroccan citizens, also wanted by an international arrest warrant, the statement added, noting that the first suspect was wanted by the public prosecutor at the Tangiers first instance court for international drug trafficking and the second was wanted by the Tangiers judiciary police for forming a armed gang related to the heist, last February, of the sum of 420,000 MAD from a gas station.

 These operations are part of international cooperation to fight cross-border organized crime and of Moroccan security services' efforts to apprehend wanted people by national or international arrest warrants, it said.

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