Wednesday 16 April 2014

For Obama Administration, U.S. Congress, Morocco Is 'Serious', 'Reliable' Strategic Partner, Edward Gabriel

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For Obama administration, U.S. Congress, Morocco is 'serious', 'reliable' strategic partner, Edward Gabriel / The Hill

 The Obama administration and Congress consider Morocco as a "serious" and "reliable" partner that is resolutely embarked on the path of reforms and the realization of regional economic integration, said former US ambassador to Morocco, Edward M. Gabriel.

 "It is clear that the (Obama) administration and Congress see Morocco as an equal and serious partner in its commitment to complete the virtuous circle of reforms the country launched, while being dedicated to the promotion of economic integration, regional stability and security, through an approach that draws on the shared U.S. values," said Gabriel in an article published by "the Hill" which specializes in US Congress.

The former U.S. ambassador highlights in this regard the joint statement issued at the end of the visit of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in Washington on November 22,  and which "clearly" emphasizes that Morocco is a partner that the States will continue to support to implement the reforms launched in the social, economic, and political fields.


Gabriel said Secretary of State, John Kerry, who co-chaired the 2nd session of the Strategic Dialogue between Morocco and the United States, along with his Moroccan counterpart, Salaheddine Mezouar, recognized in the statement issued at the end of this meeting, that Morocco "is moving in the right direction and stands  out as a valuable partner."

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