Tuesday 24 May 2022

Minister Announces Creation of Social Protection Foundation for Artists

Minister Announces Creation of Social Protection Foundation for Artists

Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid on Monday announced the decision to create a foundation for social protection of artists, saying that the bill has been filed with the Secretariat General of the Government before its presentation to the Council of Government.

Responding to an oral question on situation of artists, Bensaid stressed that for the interventions in favor of artists are no longer only an individual, personal and human, the department he heads is working to ensure that these actions are institutionalized within a well-defined framework, hence the idea of creating a foundation dedicated to this purpose.

He added that the institution will focus on social problems faced by artists, through sustainable and effective solutions in areas such as health and housing, noting that the mode of financing has been settled.

As part of the generalization of social protection launched by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, a decree was approved by the Council of Government, providing general health coverage to professionals and artists holding an artist's card and their families, through monthly contributions to the National Fund for Social Security, recalled Bensaid.

The Ministry also helps artists by paying the costs of hospitalization of many of them, ensuring the confidentiality of these interventions in order to preserve the dignity and image of the artist, he said, adding that the priority in the tribute to artists is given to renowned figures and those who are in a precarious situation.

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