Tuesday 15 April 2014

HM The King's Message To Ban Ki-Moon : Firm Warning Against Deviation Of Process In The Sahara

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HM The King's Message To Ban Ki-Moon : Firm Warning Against Deviation Of Process In The Sahara

The message conveyed by HM King Mohammed VI to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is "a firm and clear warning against any deviation of the process in the Sahara", said head of the French observatory of geopolitical studies, Charles Saint-Prot.

The French expert who was reacting to a phone call between HM the King and the UN chief, noted that the Sovereign "recalled that the UNO should not yield to manipulations of biased and partial objectives that are contrary to the cause of peace".

HM the King reiterated on Saturday to the UN chief Morocco's constant commitment and constructive cooperation to reach a final political settlement to this regional dispute, within Moroccan sovereignty. The Sovereign also drew the UN secretary General's attention to the imperative need to preserve the negotiations parameters as they were defined by the Security Council, safeguard the present framework and modalities of the UN involvement and avoid biased approaches and risky options.

At the instigation of Algeria, which is the major party to the conflict, some lobbies and NGOs are often trying to deviate attention by invoking non-pertinent issues, said the French expert, noting that the "hidden goal is to make this conflict linger on although it is a major risk for peace and stability in the Sahara-Sahel region.

It is high time the international community got rid of this ambiguity and stopped feigning to ignore the interference of state (Algeria) in the affairs of another one (Morocco), said Saint-Prot who also called the international community to support "without hesitation the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco" as "the only credible and serious solution to end a conflict that has lasted for too long".

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