Tuesday 28 August 2018

Health Ministry : No Cholera Case Reported in Morocco

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Health Ministry : No Cholera Case Reported in Morocco

No cholera case was reported in Morocco, said Tuesday the Ministry of Health, adding that several proactive and preventive measures were taken to prevent a possible outbreak of the epidemic in the Kingdom.

In a statement issued following the outbreak of cholera cases in some countries in the region, the ministry recalled that no case of the disease has been reported in the kingdom since 1997, thanks to the implementation of the program related to the fight against water-borne diseases and the significant progress made in the areas of drinking water supply and sewage treatment.

Several preventive measures were taken through the reinforcement of sentinel epidemiological surveillance and control measures at the borders, particularly at airports that serve passengers coming from countries where cholera cases have been reported, the source pointed out.

These measures also include support for hospital laboratories in the microbiological investigations and the supply of drugs and equipment for the treatment of diseases, while providing citizens with a telephone number (0801004747) for more information.

The ministry also said that it coordinates its efforts with the various relevant government departments in the areas of food safety, drinking water and sanitation system.

MAP 28 August 2018