Tuesday 28 October 2014

Head Of Government Says He Has "Good News" As Moroccans Are Poised For General Strike

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Head Of Government Says He Has

 Head of the government and secretary general of the Justice and development Party, Abdelilah Benkirane, said on Monday the government will announce "good news" on Wednesday as Moroccans are poised to observe a nationwide "preventive strike" called for by two major unions.

The PJD secretary general who held a meeting on the 2015 draft appropriation law with leaders of parties represented in the government said the strike "is not a solution," vowing that his team will continue to implement reforms announced in its program, including reforms of the pension system.

He also criticized what he called constant attempts to undermine the government.

For minister of foreign affairs and cooperation, and secretary general of the national rally of independents (RNI, represented in the government), Salaheddine Mezouar, the government seeks, through the appropriation bill to confirm its choices and restore balances without affecting citizens' purchasing power, raising taxes or cutting the budget of social sectors.

The RNI leader cited, in this context, international reports and Moroccan ability to accede easily the financial market, and investors' confidence.

Housing, town planning and urban policy minister who is secretary general of the Party for progress and socialism, (PPS, also in the government), Nabil Benabdellah called for containing all maneuvers meant to create tension and portray Morocco as a country in a situation of crisis.

For Benabdellah, the government needs to keep up the pace in managing political, social and union issues, given the positive results scored in a regional and international context experiencing multiple crises.

On its part the Popular Movement, represented in the meeting by, Mohamed Moubdi, delegate-minister for public service and administration modernization, considered that while austerity measures taken by some countries to restore economic balances have affected salaries, social budgets and investments, the Moroccan government has sought, in the 2015 appropriation bill to preserve citizens' purchasing power, consolidate public investments and encourage wealth-generating investments.

The 2015 draft appropriation law bets on a 4.4 pc growth rate and hopes to reduce the budget deficit to 4.9pc of the GDP, based on hypotheses of a GDP growth of 4.4 pc in 2015, an average exchange rate of 8.6dh/US dollar and average oil tariffs of 103 dollars/barrel.

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