Friday 27 January 2023

G77+China under Morocco's Presidency: Coordinated Action to Safeguard Interests and Promote Aspirations

G77+China under Morocco's Presidency: Coordinated Action to Safeguard Interests and Promote Aspirati

The G77+China, which Morocco has assumed the presidency in 2022, has taken consensual action to safeguard its interests and promote the shared aspirations of its members.

Under Morocco's presidency, the G77+China has held numerous plenary meetings, 72 task force meetings and two working groups, for an impressive total of 79 meetings and 62 declarations.

At the handover ceremony of the Group's presidency between Morocco and Pakistan, Thursday in Vienna, Ambassador Azzeddine Farhane, Permanent Representative of Morocco, highlighted the implementation of the three main axes of the roadmap of the Moroccan presidency in 2022.

Regarding the axis of sustainability of the 3 sub-groups of the G77 (Africa, Asia, GRULAC and groups), Farhane recalled that in a context marked by unprecedented international and geopolitical tensions, the Group has preserved its fundamental principles in order to strengthen the collaborative approach on global issues.

Consensus has remained the driving force behind the success of the G77, which has always been able to reach common positions, Farhane said, stressing that under the Moroccan chairmanship, "all declarations have been adopted by consensus".

In addition, the 10 resolutions submitted by the G77 on technical cooperation and the peaceful uses of nuclear technology were adopted by consensus at the 66th General Conference, which demonstrates the leadership of the Group and the strong support it enjoys in these thematic areas, he added.

With regard to the second axis, related to the creativity of the G77 sub-groups, Farhane considered that the resolution presented by Angola and Peru on "Strengthening the International Legal Framework for International Cooperation to Prevent and Combat Illicit Trafficking in Wildlife" is a good illustration of the Group's creative contributions.

This resolution enjoyed broad support from non-G77 countries and was adopted after painstaking negotiations by consensus at the 31st session of the CCPCJ last May, he added.

In addition, the Group has continued to play an important active role with international organizations based in Vienna, including focusing within the IAEA on finding a balance between promotional and non-promotional activities of the Agency and strengthening technical cooperation programs, the diplomat noted.

Regarding the third axis, which deals with complementarity, synergy and dynamics between the G77 and other regional groups, Farhane said he co-chaired with the EU a meeting on ways to strengthen the political dialogue between the G77 and other regional groups and to launch constructive initiatives that could strengthen the spirit of consensus in Vienna on issues related to the various organizations.

He expressed his belief that this dialogue will strengthen the synergies and complementarities between the different groups, noting that this complementarity was highlighted in the process of negotiating resolutions presented by the G77 and China, which was supported by the EU Member States.

Farhane then handed over the presidency to his Pakistani counterpart, Aftab Ahmad Khokher. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of the United Nations Centre in Vienna, in the presence of Directors General of international organizations and ambassadors of the Group's member countries.

Last January, Morocco had taken for the first time the presidency of the Vienna Chapter of the G77, an enshrinement that reflects the trust and credibility enjoyed by the Kingdom within international organizations.

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