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Friday 27 November 2020

El Guerguarat: Moroccan Ambassador in Geneva Lays Bare Allegations by Delegation of Namibia

El Guerguarat: Moroccan Ambassador in Geneva Lays Bare Allegations by Delegation of Namibia

The Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations Office at Geneva, Ambassador Omar Zniber, exposed on Thursday during a meeting of the Council of the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the false allegations by the delegation of Namibia on the situation in El Guerguarat, while shedding light on the truth about the intervention of the Kingdom in this area.

In a response, Zniber denounced the fallacious untruths contained in the statement of the Namibian delegation, whose attitude illustrates a lack of respect for the Council and all its member states, and a desire to spread lies.

Contrary to the allegations of the statement of Namibia, the operation carried out by the Royal Armed Forces in El Guerguarat, had for sole objective to restore free commercial movement in this area linking Morocco to Mauritania, and enrich trade, human, social and cultural exchanges as advocated by our organization, he said.

This operation took place following the premeditated blockage imposed by the armed members of the Polisario, for several weeks, in defiance of the calls launched by the United Nations as well as by Morocco, he recalled.

The legitimacy of the intervention, as well as its peaceful and exemplary aspect, were strongly and widely supported by the international community, the ambassador stressed.

Zniber, who welcomed the peaceful and constructive climate which marked this Council's meeting, expressed his dismay at the attitude of the delegation of Namibia, which "as usual, did not care to be part of this atmosphere but took advantage of this framework to attack the Kingdom".

He reaffirmed the known and demonstrated commitment of Morocco, like a large majority of attending delegations, to preserve the serene and constructive climate of debates within the Council, which is not the appropriate venue to display differences and hostilities on political issues that fall outside the mandate of this honorable assembly.

He also reminded the representative of Namibia, that discussions of a political nature are held elsewhere, and even in such places hostile delegations suffer major failures.

There is no need to export these failures to other forums, otherwise Morocco will be ready to give lessons to the Namibian delegation on how to treat migrants with nobility and humanity, he concluded.

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