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Monday 16 November 2020

HM the King Extends Condolences to Family of Late Mahjoubi Aherdan

HM the King Extends Condolences to Family of Late Mahjoubi Aherdan

His Majesty King Mohammed VI has sent a message of condolences and compassion to the family members of late Mahjoubi Aherdan, who passed away on Sunday.

In this message, the Sovereign says he learned with "deep sorrow" the sad news of the death of late Mahjoubi Aherdan, the honorary president and the founding leader of the Popular Movement Party, praying the Almighty to welcome him among His righteous servants.

In this sad circumstance, HM the King expresses to the family members of the deceased, his national political family, in particular the Popular Movement Party, and his friends and fans, his deep condolences and his sincere feelings of compassion following this painful loss.

The Sovereign recalls the sincere patriotism of the deceased embodied, for decades, in his rich militant and political career, in the service of the supreme interests of the Nation, noting that he has shown a strong attachment to the sacred values ​​of the Ummah and unfailing loyalty to the Glorious Alawite Throne.

Late Aherdan served his country through his commendable actions and his early engagement in the resistance to the occupation and the defense of the independence of Morocco and its territorial integrity as he demonstrated competence in the various high government responsibilities that he held with dedication and abnegation, the Sovereign points out.

The Sovereign notes that the artistic spirit of the deceased gave rise to distinguished works through which he conveyed his political experience and the authenticity of his cultural environment, in writing as in painting, in addition to his meticulous knowledge of the ancestral history of Morocco.

HM the King prays God to grant Aherdan's family members patience and comfort, to reward the deceased for his services extended to the Nation and to welcome him in his vast paradise.

MAP 16 November 2020