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Tuesday 28 September 2021

Moroccan People to Celebrate on Wednesday Birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa

Moroccan People to Celebrate on Wednesday Birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa

The Royal family and the Moroccan people will celebrate on Wednesday the birthday of HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa, an opportunity to underline the unwavering commitment of Her Royal Highness to vulnerable populations.

Through her generosity, voluntarism and high sense of social commitment from an early age, HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa has left her mark on the field of social action, particularly among children with special needs.

In her capacity as Chairwoman of the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and Youth, Her Royal Highness embraces the concerns of this category of the population.

The Foundation offers deaf children advanced medical equipment, including digital hearing aids, cochlear implants and voice transmission electronic systems for a better integration in schools.

For several decades, the Foundation has offered specialized education based on the curriculum of the primary and secondary cycle of national education to beneficiaries, who were also provided with technical support.

As of the start of the 2018 academic year, the first group of baccalaureate graduates from the Foundation benefited from partnership agreements signed with the Faculty of Sciences of Rabat and the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fez, which made it possible to ease access to higher education for these students and all those who will follow them.

However, vocational training is not left out, as training in embroidery, weaving, hairdressing and plastic arts is provided by the institution which also enables students to have access to various specialties at vocational training centers related to the handicrafts sector.

Moreover, HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa chairs every year the graduation ceremony of the Foundation.

In April 2020, the Foundation contributed with 200,000 dirhams to the Special Fund dedicated to the management of the COVID-19 pandemic, set up following the high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI.

On January 23, 2021, the Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and Youth and the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research signed a framework partnership agreement.

This framework agreement is intended to promote the schooling of deaf children in public schools and universities, the rehabilitation of spaces for deaf children, the fight against school dropout in the field of disability, the encouragement and the generalization of preschool education for deaf children, and the strengthening of educational and administrative executives' capacities, as well as the families', regarding the techniques and mechanisms of inclusive education for deaf children.

The Lalla Asmaa Foundation for Deaf Children and the Moroccan News Agency (MAP) inked February a partnership contract in Rabat relating to the promotion of the cochlear implants NASMAA campaign.

Initiated in cooperation with the ministry of Solidarity, Social Development, Equality and Family and the ministry of Health as well as National Mutual Aid, this Program will benefit more than 800 children with hearing disabilities.

Cultural and sporting activities are also at the heart of the concerns of Her Royal Highness, who also chairs the association for the protection of animals and nature (SPANA).

The celebration of HRH Princess Lalla Asmaa's birthday is indeed an opportunity for the Moroccan people to pay tribute to a committed Princess who, through her kindness and humanism, has marked social action.

MAP 28 September 2021