Friday 22 September 2023

Under HM the King’s Leadership, Morocco Successfully Managed Quake Impact (Minister)

Under HM the King’s Leadership, Morocco Successfully Managed Quake Impact (Minister)

Under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco has successfully managed the impact of the earthquake that struck several regions of the kingdom, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with Parliament and Government Spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, said on Thursday.

"Under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, our country, as a State, thanks to the mobilization of its authorities and services and the solidarity and mutual assistance shown by all Moroccans" has successfully managed the impact of this natural disaster, Baitas underlined at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting, adding that Al Haouz earthquake has required the mobilization and the intervention of the State with its various institutions in order to provide assistance to the affected population.

And naturally, "the government is one of those stakeholders" that intervened to mitigate the impact of this natural disaster and has worked according to a clear and well-defined approach in accordance with the High Royal Guidelines, he pointed out, stressing that HM the King chaired three important and key meetings over ten days, during which priorities were defined in a precise manner.

Baitas also noted that "the ministers concerned are making visits to the disaster areas", underlining that a census of the victims is currently being carried out on the ground in the affected regions, and that "the distribution of subsidies will take place as soon as the data is available".

Data relating to the rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure is also being collected, especially roads and schools, as well as other facilities providing social services to citizens, with a view to rebuilding and strengthening infrastructure and promoting the local economy of these localities, he added.

All the departments concerned are present on the ground and are closely monitoring research and census operations, he said, affirming that the government is mobilized to provide a prompt and effective response to these challenges despite the meteorological constraints.

In this regard, the minister noted the need to continue the work with the same momentum in order to preserve the achievements and open a new stage of reconstruction for the disaster areas, with the speed and efficiency that promote the strengthening of local economy local and a decent life.

Regarding the Natural Disaster Fund, Baitas affirmed that “it is activated and credits are allocated to it during each fiscal year, but the tragedy of the earthquake has generated great repercussions”, noting that HM the King has given His High Instructions so that the reconstruction and general rehabilitation program of the disaster areas be a model of integrated and balanced territorial development.

MAP: 21 September 2023