Tuesday 28 November 2023

Thanks to High Royal Guidelines, Morocco Achieved Significant Progress in Health System Reform (Govt. Head)

Thanks to High Royal Guidelines, Morocco Achieved Significant Progress in Health System Reform (Govt

Thanks to High Royal guidelines, Morocco has achieved significant progress in the implementation of the health system reform, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch said Monday in Rabat.

Speaking at the House of Representatives’ question time, Akhannouch underlined that this progress will facilitate access to health services and improve its quality in a fair manner that will reduce spatial and social disparities.

   In this regard, he reiterated the government's commitment to continue upgrading the health sector "to promote the pillars of the social State and to guarantee spatial justice in terms of access to health and hospital services for all citizens before the end of the government mandate", welcoming the constructive national consensus around the priority of the sector which enabled the adoption, in a year, of the legal framework governing major developments and deep reform of the national health system.

   Recalling the High Royal solicitude and the great attention paid by HM King Mohammed VI to the national health system, the Head of Government said that the Sovereign has always stressed the "need for adopting efficient public policies and establishing a health system that meets the aspirations of citizens and takes into consideration the lessons learned from the health crisis experienced by the Kingdom like other countries in the world”.

   He noted that the government is fully aware of the priority given by Moroccan citizens to this strategic sector, as part of the strengthening of the social State as wanted by HM the King, to preserve their dignity and their human and constitutional rights.

   Akhannouch also underlined that the success of the generalization of social protection requires a deep and radical reform of the health system, so as to guarantee that public health services meet the expectations and aspirations of Moroccans.

   Despite the various reforms of the sector in previous years, which "did not achieve the expected results", it was essential for the government to abandon the logic of "partial reforms" and operate “a real revolution” based on a clear vision, in order to provide the Kingdom with a fair and quality health system, he pointed out.

   Since its inauguration, the government has devised a global and integrated vision to establish a national health system, according to a reform perspective based on four pillars: the adoption of an effective governance of the sector, the enhancement of the human capital, the upgrading of health infrastructure at the territorial level and the digitalization of the national health system, he concluded.

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