Thursday 16 April 2015

Libyan Political Dialogue In Skhirat

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Libyan Political Dialogue In Skhirat

UN-led Libyan Political Talks Resume in Skhirat

The UN-backed peace talks between Libya’s rival factions resumed in Skhirate near Rabat with the aim to reach a political settlement of the crisis in the north African country.

The talks are held under the auspices of the Personal Representative of the UN Secretary General for Libya Bernardino Leon with the participation of delegations representing Libya’s two rival parliaments: the General National Congress (GNC), known as parliament of Tripoli, and the international recognized parliament based in Tobrouk.

Security arrangements and the modalities pertaining to the formation of a national unity government are the main issues of the current round of negotiations.

The United Nations Support Mission to Libya (UNSMIL) has recently described the negotiations in Skhirat as "positive and constructive".

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New Round of Libyan Political Dialogue Starts in Morocco

   A new round of Libyan political dialogue, hosted by Morocco and facilitated by the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) with the aim of ending the political crisis and military conflict in the country, started Wednesday in Skhirat (outskirts of Rabat).

   Participants are expected to present their remarks regarding the overall framework outlined in the "Draft Agreement on the Political Transition in Libya", which includes the key issues of forming a government of national concord and security arrangements, including a ceasefire and withdrawal of armed groups from the cities, the UNSMIL said in a statement.


   Significant progress has been achieved in earlier rounds, the last of which ended 26 March, the UNSMIL said, adding that since then, participants had the opportunity to consult with their constituencies and key stakeholders on a proposal on a comprehensive solution to end the conflict in Libya. 


   UNSMIL believes this round may be decisive in consolidating the significant progress achieved so far. 


   "The Mission is confident that the Libyan participants are coming to the talks in a spirit of reconciliation and determination to reach a political agreement to bring peace and stability to Libya", the statement notes.

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