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Morocco-US Business Relationship

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Morocco-US Business Relationship

Morocco, Coveted Destination For US Companies Thanks To Its Political Stability, US Chamber Of Commerce

 Thanks to its political stability which makes of it a model in the region, Morocco has become a coveted destination for US companies willing to invest in Morocco, said vice-president of African Affairs at the US Chamber of Commerce, Scott Eisner.

 Morocco has become a coveted destination for US investors, and the FTA which entered into effect in 2006, is a key factors that makes the kingdom an appealing destination for US businesses," Eisner told US magazine "International Business Times".

   Scott Eisner also highlighted the multi-faceted partnership between Morocco and Sub-Saharan African countries, said the US magazine, which recalled the African tour of HM the King in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, and Gabon, as well as the 4.8pc growth rate posted by the Moroccan economy in 2013.


   "US businesses are interested in such a dynamic," says the US magazine, noting that US foreign direct investments into Morocco have witnessed a significant increase, from 25 million dollars in 2005 to 197 million dollars in 2012.


"Morocco-US Business Development Conference" Holds 2nd Edition In Rabat

The "Morocco-US Business Development Conference" will hold its 2nd annual edition Monday in Rabat for business operators of the two countries to exchange views on means to consolidate trade and investments in the frame of the free trade agreement binding the two countries.

   Co-organized by the Moroccan ministry of foreign affairs and cooperation, the Moroccan enterprise association (CGEM), the US department of state and the American chamber of commerce, the conference will be an opportunity for heads of enterprises to meet Moroccan officials and Moroccan entrepreneurs and discuss trade and investment opportunities between the two countries.

   The Morocco-US Business Development Conference is held part of the Morocco-US strategic dialog.

    The U.S.-Morocco FTA fully eliminated tariffs on 95% of traded goods and bolstered trade and investment. In 2011, two-way trade totaled $3.75 billion, but there is more to be done to achieve the full potential of the FTA.

    In December 2012, the U.S. State Department hosted 160 participants at the first U.S.-Moroccan Business Development Conference in Washington, D.C.

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