Monday 20 March 2023

In Morocco, Jews Live in "Unprecedented" Context Marked by Seal of Exception, Renaissance and Recognition - André Azoulay

In Morocco, Jews Live in

Moroccans of the Jewish faith are living in the Kingdom an "unprecedented" moment in a context marked by the seal of exception, renaissance, recognition and re-foundation of this part of Morocco's history, stressed Sunday evening, André Azoulay, Advisor to HM the King, at the opening of a great evening closing in Creteil the Week dedicated to Moroccan Judaism (March 12-19).

Placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, this event, which brought together several thousand people in one week, "embodied, in sharing, a precious and unique moment because it is that of an unprecedented momentum that we Moroccans, Muslims and Jews, are living in a context marked by the seal of exception, a context that is that of the renaissance, recognition and refoundation of this part of Morocco's inclusive history," said the Advisor to HM the King in a video message from Bayt Dakira in Essaouira.

This week rich in lights and emotions has highlighted "the depth of the Moroccan-Jewish civilization that tells all others, with pride and determination what our Nation and our People, strong of the committed and pioneering leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, that of his late father HM Hassan II and the exemplary legacy of the late HM Mohammed V, have embodied for us Moroccans of the Jewish faith," said Azoulay.

He stressed that Morocco today is the "result of the addition of all civilizations that have succeeded: Arab-Muslim, Amazigh, Jewish, Mediterranean and African."

"We have a software that makes us add all that these civilizations have taught us and bequeathed. Today, all around us and very widely in the world, this Moroccan software of the addition of the richness of all our diversities and their convergence has unfortunately been replaced by another software, that of subtraction, or denial and sometimes confrontation," said Azoulay, noting that "in Morocco, we Moroccans of the Jewish faith, we live something else, we live another dynamic where diversity is at the heart of the reactor of our social modernity.”

"Thank you again for inviting this evening Morocco to this social modernity, the one of all possibilities, the one of our collective responsibility, so that this Path of Reason and Peace will be taken tomorrow by the Israeli and Palestinian children, in the hope to see them living with each other, each one respecting the other, each one assuring the security of the other,” concluded André Azoulay.

This musical evening was animated by the artists Abderrahim Souiri, Charly and Lior Elmaliah, the latter coming especially from Israel to participate in this show, rich in colors, and which transported a room of nearly a thousand participants, in a dream journey between the Moroccan and Jewish melodies.

The show took place in the presence of leaders of the Jewish community, Morocco's Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Ambassador Samir Addahre, several consuls general of the Kingdom in France and members of the Jewish and Moroccan communities, among others.

The Jewish-Moroccan cultural week, organized at the initiative of the Israelite cultural association of Creteil (ACIC), in collaboration with several institutions in Morocco and France and Franco-Moroccan associations, has highlighted the Jewish-Moroccan heritage and underlined the secular living together between Jews and Muslims in the Kingdom.

The public was present for a week with a rich and varied cultural program, including round tables, debates, exhibitions, film screenings and concerts.

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