Monday 2 October 2023

Meeting in Rabat on Revision, Amendment of Family Code

Meeting in Rabat on Revision, Amendment of Family Code

As part of the amendment and revision project of the Family Code, a meeting was held on Saturday in Rabat at the headquarters of the Academy of the Kingdom. The meeting was attended by the Minister of Justice, the President-Delegate of the Supreme Council of Judicial Power, the President of the Public Prosecution, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Ulema, the Chairperson of the National Council for Human Rights, and the Minister responsible for Solidarity, Social Integration, and Family.

This meeting is part of the methodology recommended by the Royal Letter regarding the revision of the Family Code. The goal is to reconcile the central importance of legal and judicial dimensions of the issue with the perspectives of Sharia and human rights, as well as those related to public policies in the family domain, which constitutes the essential core of society. This approach aims to identify the aspects and issues related to the amendment of the Code, ensuring that its content adapts to societal changes and the developments recorded in national legislation.

During this meeting, the working methodology was discussed. It ensures the close participation of all components of this expanded committee in various stages of reflection and collective consultation for amending the Code, in accordance with the method outlined in the Royal Letter. The meeting also established the frequency and regularity of gatherings and the working procedures for listening to and hearing various stakeholders, as well as for the examination and deliberation of raised issues.

MAP: 30 September 2023