Wednesday 15 March 2023

Lower House Speaker Holds Talks with U.S. Congress Delegation on Consolidating Cooperation

Lower House Speaker Holds Talks with U.S. Congress Delegation on Consolidating Cooperation

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, met Tuesday with a delegation from the U.S. Congress, currently on a working visit to Morocco to consolidate relations of cooperation, consultation and exchange of experiences between the two legislative bodies.

After welcoming the bonds of historical friendship that unite Morocco and the United States of America, the American congressmen stressed the solidity of the bilateral partnership and expressed their admiration for the dynamics of development all azimuths that the Kingdom knows, indicates a statement released by the Moroccan parliament's lower house.

In the same context, the U.S. delegation, representing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) and composed of Adriano Espaillat (vice president of the Caucus), Sylvia Garcia and Salud Carbajal (members of Congress), focused on the broad opportunities for cooperation between the two countries in the fields of clean energy, green economy, technology, agriculture and trade, among others, said the same source.

Welcoming the visit of the delegation of the U.S. Congress, Talbi Alami, for his part, has highlighted the quality and historical depth of Moroccan-American relations, recalling that Morocco was the first country in the world to recognize, since the 18th century, the independence of the United States of America, welcoming the level of parliamentary relations between the two countries at the bilateral and multilateral levels, according to the release.

The Moroccan official gave, on this occasion, an overview of the major projects undertaken in the Kingdom under the wise leadership of HM King Mohammed VI, mentioning in particular the evolution of democratic practice and the situation of human rights, the improvement of the status of women, the consolidation of the rule of law and institutions, the sustained momentum of socio-economic development and the transition to clean and renewable energy, among other advances that have established Morocco as a model of stability and development in the region," concludes the same source.

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