Monday 12 February 2024

Edgar Morin Hails Morocco's Policy of Openness Towards Africa

Edgar Morin Hails Morocco's Policy of Openness Towards Africa

French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin commended, during his presence in Marrakech on Saturday, Morocco's policy of openness towards the African continent across all spheres.

Morocco has launched "a very fine initiative over the last few years by opening up politically and economically to the African continent," added Edgar Moran, who was the guest of the "Grand Entretien" section, a featured segment of the second edition of the Marrakech African Book Festival (FLAM), ongoing until Sunday.

Addressing a sizable audience at the "Etoiles de Jamaâ-el-Fna" cultural center, the french philosopher emphasized that the cultural dimension is not merely an adjunct but holds a central position in Morocco's relations with African nations.

Morin highlighted FLAM as a testament to Morocco's cultural outreach, saying he was "very happy with Morocco's policy".

The philosopher, aged over a hundred years, expressed his delight in Marrakech, relishing the opportunity to engage with Moroccan and African audiences, exclaiming, "Long live Africa, long live Morocco."

The gathering, themed "Edgar Morin, witness to two centuries and compass for our times," provided a platform to revisit Morin's stances on contemporary issues, particularly North-South relations, and his special connection with the African continent.

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