Tuesday 28 October 2014

Around 200 Bln MAD Will Be Invested In Moroccan Energy Sector By 2020

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Around 200 Bln MAD Will Be Invested In Moroccan Energy Sector By 2020

Around 200 billion dirhams will be invested by 2020 in the Moroccan energy sector and a considerable share of it will be used to strengthen electricity infrastructure, Minister of energy, mining, water and environment Abdelkader Amara announced on Tuesday.

This step is meant to meet the growing energy demand which will increase from 25,000 GWT in 2008 to 70,000 GWT by 2025, said the minister who was the guest of MAP Forum on the theme "Is Morocco on the eve of energy transition?"

 The official also announced the upcoming opening of medium voltage in the field of renewable energy, following the high and very high voltage. "The photovoltaic option has an economic potential of 4.6 GWT by 2030, in addition to slashing the country's energy bill", he said.  

 On nuclear energy-based electricity, the minister said that this is an open choice that could be possible in 2030 unless the regional context changes, adding that such option is part of the diversification of energy sources.

 Referring to the National energy strategy, he said that it is based on four objectives namely: securing energy supply, generalizing access to energy for reasonable prices, controlling the demand and preserving the environment.

MAP 28 October 2014