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Marsa Maroc: E-services

Marsa Maroc


To enable its customers to monitor in real time the situation of their cargo and ships, Marsa Maroc provides a wide range of services:



Services to customers:

  • Marsaconteneur: provides,in real-time, the situation of a container in the port of Casablanca (date of loading / unloading, invoice date, size,etc). The service includes an SMS alertinformingthe customer of the receipt of the container in the port.
  • The situation of ships: shows the dailysituation of ships in the port and ships ahead in all the terminals operated by Marsa Maroc.
  • The tariff simulator: to simplify and vulgarize tariff procedures; Marsa Morocpublished online the «quote request» to estimate the tariff ofcontainer warehousing.


Personalized services:

The offer was enhanced by personalized secure services accessible by account allowing customers to monitor in real time their unpaid invoices and bonds. Moreover, Marsa Maroc sends to its customers by e-mail detailed information on their goods to ensure better communication and proximity.

To benefit from these services, please contact your port sales responsible.

Marsa Maroc: E-services