Generation Green 2020-2030

         As part of the continued development of the agricultural sector, and 12 years after the implementation of the "Green Morocco Plan", Morocco has launched a new strategy under the name of " Generation Green 2020-2030". This strategy represents a new vision within the framework of the continuity of the “Green Morocco Plan”.

       This was based mainly on the development of production supply chains, the mechanization of the agricultural sector and the organization of professionals. It is also focused on increasing the coverage rates for food needs, increasing gross agricultural production, supporting agricultural exports, as well as increasing the volume of investments. Rather, the new "Generation Green" plan focused on rehabilitating the farmer and raising his social and economic status.

In this way, the “Generation Green” strategy is based on two pillars:

The first is to consider the human element as a priority in any development related to the agricultural sector, while the second relates to continuing the dynamism of agricultural development and focusing on its modernization. As well as creating a new generation of "young entrepreneurs" in the agricultural sector.

In addition to the establishment of modern means aimed at the creation of wealth, the diversification of employment opportunities and the enhancement of rural Morocco.


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