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Royal Activities
Thursday 19 April 2018

HM the King Chairs in Rabat Council of Ministers

HM the King Chairs in Rabat Council of Ministers

HM King Mohammed VI chaired, on Thursday at Rabat royal palace, a council of ministers, said a statement read out by spokesperson of the Royal Palace Abdelhak Lam.

Here follows the text of the statement:

HM King Mohammed VI chaired, Thursday, Shaaban 2, 1439 hegira, corresponding to April 19, 2018, at Rabat royal palace, a council of ministers during which several bills and international agreements were approved.

At the beginning of this Council, HM the King asked to be given details by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Waters and Forests on the agricultural situation of the Kingdom. The Minister assured HM the King of the good conditions of the current agricultural campaign and the positive impact of rainfall and snowfall on dam and ground water reserves.

The Minister of Agriculture also informed the sovereign that he is collecting data and figures on the crop year and its impact on the performance of farmers, and he will be submitting them to HM the King in the coming days.

Afterwards, the council examined and approved the draft Dahir concerning the special status of civil servants of the Civil defence and physicians working in the Directorate General of Civil Defence and its external services.

Developed pursuant to the Royal instructions, this project is an implementation of the provisions of the Decree adopted by the Parliament and which submits officials of Civil Defence and its physicians to military rules and regulations.

This draft Dahir defines the special status of this category, the missions of civil servants of the civil defence, their training regime, and modes to have access to the different ranks and the promotion requirements. It also deals with the rights and duties of the civil servants of this Directorate-General as well as their disciplinary regime.

In this context, two draft decrees were adopted, namely the draft decree aimed at determining the modes of implementing the special status of the Directorate civil servants, particularly with regard to setting the grades of each rank, promotion conditions and conditions of access to the Civil Defence Corps, as well as the reorganization of the Civil Defence School, which will be renamed "the National School of Civil Defence", and enable it to conduct its missions, mainly in the areas of training.

Subsequently, the Council of Ministers approved the draft organic law amending and completing the Organic Law on the Appointment to top positions in accordance with Articles 49 and 92 of the Constitution.

This project aims notably to include in the list of institutions and strategic public companies, whose officials are appointed by the Council of Ministers, the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development, the Agency for Digital Development and the Anti-Catastrophe Solidarity Fund.

It also aims to include in the list of institutions whose officials are appointed by the Government Council, the Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency and the National Agency for Road Safety.

In the context of strengthening the Kingdom's relations with several brotherly and friendly countries, respecting its international commitments and fostering the Kingdom's confidence and credibility, the Council of Ministers has approved eight (08) international agreements, including a multilateral one on the Montreal Protocol Amendment on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, adopted in Kigali.

The bilateral agreements mainly concern judiciary cooperation in civil, commercial and administrative matters, non-double taxation and the fight against tax fraud, the fields of tourism and air services, cinema and audiovisual co-production, as well as mutual recognition of driving licenses.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 49 of the Constitution, on the proposal of the Head of Government:

- At the initiative of the Interior Minister, HM the King appointed Said Zarrou, Director of the Agency for the Development of the Bouregreg Valley;

- At the initiative of the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, HM the King appointed Youssef El Bakkali, President of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Promotion of Education-Training Social Services;

- At the initiative of the Minister of Equipment, Transport, Logistics and Water, HM the King appointed Mr. Mohamed Youssfi, Director General of the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development;

- At the initiative of the Minister of Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development, HM the King has appointed Mr. Abderrahim El Hafidi, Director General of the National Office of Electricity and drinking water.

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