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Thursday 6 February 2020

Morocco, 'a Good Example' of African Solidarity (AU Commissioner)

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Morocco, 'a Good Example' of African Solidarity (AU Commissioner)

Morocco, which is unequivocally committed to sharing its experience and know-how with its brothers on the African continent, offers "a good example" of African solidarity, Victor Harrison, Commissioner for Economic Affairs of the African Union (AU), told MAP on Thursday.

Morocco is working for a transformation in Africa, based on complementarity and co-development, Harrison said on the sidelines of the AU Executive Council, which is currently being held at the headquarters of the pan-African organization in the Ethiopian capital.

"We would like to commend Morocco for its clear willingness to share its experience with other countries on the continent, based on the principle of solidarity, a value intrinsic to Moroccan civilization," he said.

It should be recalled that Morocco is counted among the five major economies in Africa, he said, noting that if the other four major States do as much as the Kingdom, Africa will have every chance to win the bet of economic integration.

MAP 06 February 2020