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In 50 years, Moroccan agriculture has made great progress in terms of modernization and diversification. Then as now, farming is also one of the pillars of the Moroccan economy.

With four million jobs, the agricultural sector is one of the main sectors at the national level. The rural population is also estimated at 18 million people, which represents 49% of all households nationally.

The share of agricultural upstream in the national economy is considerable, with 74 billion dirhams, which corresponds to 14% of the gross domestic product (GDP). Despite repeated cycles of drought, agricultural GDP has more than doubled since the 60s.

Morocco has also improved its sufficiency for certain foodstuffs, in a context marked by an increase in the integration of international markets. The United ensures 100% of its needs meat, fruit and vegetables, 82% of its milk, 50% of its sugar requirements, 60% of its cereal needs and 20% of its oil needs.

Internationally, agricultural imports represent between 14 and 24% of total imports. And as for agricultural exports, they represent between 15 and 21% of total exports.

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Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests - Departement of Agriculture